(English) Club of the Best – Canada

The finalists of the sales competition "Club of the Best" by Mercedes Benz in Canada.
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(English) Club of the Best – Barcelona

Corporate film about the semifinals of the sales competion by Mercedes Benz in Barcelona.

© 2008
Client: Mercedes Benz
Production: Benedikt Pictures
Producer & director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Robert Porsche, Marius Wehrli
Editing: Dominik Förster
Length: 10:56 min.


Children want to learn, but not by coercion or under pressure, rather with enthusiasm and individual encouragement. Success is the best companion for learning. The film of images of the first school founded and financed by a company runs as part of a permanent exhibit in the entrance hall of the “Private School Anne-Sophie” which was founded in Künzelsau in 2008. Read more

(English) Von Schaewen

Corporate film for the steel processing "Von Schaewen Group" with headquarters in Essen.

© 2007
Client: Von Schaewen Group
Production: Benedikt Pictures
Producer: Julian Benedikt
Director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Alberto Venzago, Issa Rabi Salinas
Length: 2:49 min


Promotional film for the Film Festival Emden 2003.
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(English) Jazzclub Birdland

In 1992, the idealist Manfred Rehm set up the Jazzclub Birdland in Neuburg on the Danube and ever since the big names of the scene gather here frequently. The legendary hometown of jazz even owns a record label by now. In our film, Albert Mangelsdorff, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Klaus Doldinger, Ron Carter, Till Brönner and many more jazz stars express themselves mostly by musical means.
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(English) Suryoye United 2010

This was the motto of the first big get together of Arameans from all over Europe in Berlin, organized by Tur Abdin Berlin e.V. and Kifå Magazine. Benedikt Pictures documented the soccer tournament, symposium and several cultural events, such as concerts of Abeer Nehme and Josef Özer, but also the Pentecost mess with archbishop Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim.
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Sesto Senso

Promotional film for the Italien restaurant in Munich.
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Neuburg Baroque Concerts

Promotional film about the traditional Neuburger Baroque Concerts. For 62 years, the focus has been put on the music of the baroque with all its facets.
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