In 2004, we developed a cross-media project based on the People-Concept for Chrysler Deutschland GmbH. It included film, Internet and print media. The concept was created for the Crossfire and the PT Cruiser, aiming at sustainably defining and sharpening the profile of the brand. The concept was made to invite dialogue with the brand. On the basis of these considerations we prepared two types of advertisements. As a counterpart to the optical and textual structure of the ads, we developed a corporate film with distinctive moving pictures. The new People-Concept was integrated in the existing Chrysler Internet presence. Further ad drafts, dialogue marketing and CRM concepts supplemented the project.

© 2004
Client: Chrysler Deutschland GmbH
Team leader, design: Ine Ilg
Photography: Friedhelm Volk
Director, script: Julian Benedikt
Text, consulting: H.-U. Denninger
Storyboard: Gottfried Müller
Score: Till Brönner
Dubbing: Joachim Kerzel
Length: 80 sec.

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