After BLUE NOTE – A STORY OF MODERN JAZZ, a film about the New Yorker cult label, JAZZ SEEN is dedicated to the Californian counterpart – West Coast jazz. No one has documented the jazz scene and its fascinating entourage more strikingly than photographer William Claxton. The film evokes forty years of American pop culture by telling the extraordinary career of the perhaps most famous jazz photographer of the world: A film like a journey from the past to the presence. By showing numerous encounters with jazz and entertainment contemporaries such as Dennis Hopper, Burt Bacharach and Helmut Newton, JAZZ SEEN grants unique insights into the work and the ideas of an important eyewitness. Particular focus is being put on the creative relationship between Claxton and his wife Peggy Moffitt, a former top model and a pioneer of modern fashion shows. Also, the film focuses on the intimate photographs of musicians like Chet Baker, Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk, showing that Claxton was not only a fantastic artist, but also a great jazz fan. Listen with your eyes.

With: Burt Bacharach, David Bailey, Glyn Callingham, Benny Carter, Steve Christ, William Claxton, Kurt Elling, David Fahey, John Frankenheimer, Russ Freeman, William Gottlieb, Chico Hamilton, Ben Harper, Diana Krall, Herman Leonard, Richard Lewis, Russel Malone, Peggy Moffitt, Helmut Newton, Jim Rakete, Vidal Sassoon, Benedikt Taschen, Jack Terrasson, Cassandra Wilson.

Cast: Shannon Allert, Elwon Bakly, Jason Belvins, Matt Buckler, Dave Caldwell, Christopher Claxton, Bob Cooke, Albert Everette, Karl Forsen, Jeremy Gable, Richard Gates, Tarsolan Greer, Lorenzo Hermann, Jon Jordan, Simon LeComte, Patrick McHenry, Ian J. McNeely, Tom Nash, Kevin Partridge, Alicia Ruiz, Philipp Smith, Kathryn Strom, Brian Spraggins, Kimberly Suskind, Jim Swoboda, Wade Town, Ron Varella, Kate Vita, Steven Watts.

© 1999/2000 / 81 min.
Production: EuroArts Entertainment
Co-production: ZDF/Arte, NorthbyNorthwest Productions, BRAVO Television
Producer: Marina Müller
Director: Julian Benedikt
Script: Julian Benedikt, Christopher M. Allen
Score: Till Brönner
Camera: Matthew J. Clark
Format: S-16 mm / Color

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