Eine Produktion von Benedikt Pictures
mit BR, Bayerisches Fernsehen
O.H.C. Otto Henning Capital AG
nhb studios Berlin und YLE

Gefördert durch FFF FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Regie und Produktion: Julian Benedikt
Co-Produzenten: Karl Fraenzel
Redaktion BR: Dr.Claudia Gladziejewski, Birgit Engel
Buch: Julian Benedikt, Christian Metz
Kamera: Frank Griebe
Herstellungsleitung: Monika Kintner
Produktionsleitung: Stephanie Lehmann
Schnitt: Dominik Förster
Musik: Lars Kubic, Annette Focks, Michael Kersting
Mischung: Roberto Gagl
Format: HD, 16:9, Farbe
Weltvertrieb: Telepool

What is beautiful and who defines it? How far will people go to conform to ideals of beauty? Are there societal advantages to being beautiful? The film tells the life stories of three people who consider themselves confronted with severe facial disfigurement or the wish for further beautification.

The film sets out to continually pose the timeless, and yet in the ‚zeitgeist‘, question about the nature of beauty from ethical and aesthetic points of view. In doing so, it will weave the stories of the three central characters into the context of the film’s overall theme. The conflict between one’s own appearance and society’s expectations and norms is a constant part of the story. In his documentary LONGING FOR BEAUTY Julian Benedikt examines the significance outward appearance has gained in our society today and looks for the essence of beauty.

In the course of this journey, we will meet some of the most important and successful plastic surgeons of our time as consulting specialists. They will help us understand a branch of medicine where craft, science and art converge – but that these days is often in the media headlights, while remaining misunderstood. Representatives from the worlds of society and culture will also contribute to this ongoing debate.

With: Johannes Groschupf, Arianna Zorzi, Muneyoshi Tsuneizumi, Natália Anderle, Jorge Itapuã Beiramar, Johannes Bruck, Libera Ciamberlano in Zorzi, Bruce Connell, Pascal Dangin, Michele De Lucchi, Monika Dorfmüller, Lauren Ezersky, Günter Germann, Michael Greulich, Roxanne Guy, Atsushi Hirayama, John Hull, Glenn Jelks, Abidon Kaifatch, Hermann Lampe, Laurent Lantieri, Gottfried Lemperle, Malcolm Lesavoy, Goswin von Mallinckrodt, Riccardo Mazzola, Bryan Mendelson, Wolfgang Mühlbauer, Foad Nahai, Soki Nakajima, Kitaro Ohmori, Susie Orbach, Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, João Carlos Sampaio Góes, Wolf Singer, Jock Sturges, Marianne Wolters, Claudia Markovinovic, Arij Pieter Human, Maeve Human, Megan Tara Human, Camilla Ziegenhagen, Santina Crolla, Skye Stracke, Carolina Benedikt Benjamin, Rojane Lima Fraridue Santos, Fernanda Gussen, Renata Molinaro, Renata Porto Moha, Marcela Vasconcelos Dias, Shizuka Mutoh

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