In for light, in for Ingo Maurer. Like no other, the designer from Munich has given light new, stylish and provocative forms with his lamps. Through its international presence his work has already become a familiar classic. Winged light bulbs, tea strainers, pieces of paper and toothpaste tubes are just a few of many unusual components of his lamps. In 2010, he received the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for his life’s work. But the innovative lamp designer has already gone a step further – his light installations for buildings and public spaces have won international acclaim. The film gives insight into Ingo Maurer’s varied oeuvre. It shows the genesis of his current works and accompanies him to exhibitions from Milan to New York. A portrait of a charismatic personality who constantly reinvents himself.

With: Paola Antonelli, Ron Arad, Barbara J. Bloemink, Konstantin Grcic, Michele de Lucci, Ted Muehling, Tom Vack

© 2007 / 26 min.
Production: Benedikt Pictures
In co-production with: ZDF/ARTE
Produder: Julian Benedikt
Production Manager: Stephanie Lehmann
Script/Director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Frank Griebe, Isaac Rabi Salinas, Markus Stoffel, Vladimir Subotic, Brian E. Murphy
Editing: Sven Fox
Format: HDV / 16:9 / Color

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