(English) Kick it in South Africa

KICK IT IN SOUTH AFRICA accompanies the professional football players Philipp Lahm and Piotr Trochowski to South Africa, where they organize a match with local football teams. In the course of the film we get to know some players and their life stories, but also the country South Africa with its bright and dark sides. Philipp Lahm and Piotr Trochowski lead us through the film, present their aid projects and explain, why they are committed to South Africa. Their passion for football connects them to many people in the country despite all the differences. Playing together in the townships shows that through a sport it is possible to find a common language across cultural borders.

With: Philipp Lahm, Piotr Trochowski

© 2007
Production Company: Benedikt Pictures
Co-production: Acta7
Producer & director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Frank Griebe
Editing: Sven Fox
Format: HDV / Color

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