The woman and the dragon

The life of sculptor Dr. Erich Engelbrecht is pervaded by extremes. This shows in his sudden and radical turn towards art in the early 1960s, but also in his gigantic steel sculptures. Driven by a passion for symbols and influenced by his study of C.G. Jung’s theory of archetypes, the artist creates over-dimensional surrealistic, magical figures or compositions, which express the unconscious visually and symbolically. The film grants access to a fascinating, up to now barely accessible work of art.

With: Dr. Erich Engelbrecht

© 2007 / Short documentary
Production: Benedikt Pictures
Producer & director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Issa Rabi Salinas
Editing: Daniela Wilke
Length: 6 min.
Format: HD / 16:9 / Color

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