Lesotho Riders – Black Riders in red Robes on their Way to olympic Gold

Never, in the history of the Olymic games there has been a black show jumping team from Africa. The kingdom of Lesotho has a deeply rooted riding culture – from an early age, the residents of the mountainous country start horseback riding. But without financial support even „the Switzerland of Africa“ doesn’t have a chance to participate in the Olympic games. Yet Coubertin’s Olympic thought is supposed to come true for Lesotho’s riders: „Participating is more important than winning“. The Olympic idea „Taking part is everything“ is the key message of the peaceful, democratic event, a symbol for international understanding. The best athletes of the world should have the opportunity – despite of their economic or political situation – to compete in a fair and sporty event. The five best riders of Lesotho are chosen to form a showjumping team for the Olympic games in Athens 2004. European sponsors will help the team to achieve this goal by coaching them in an intense training programme. The film documents the journey of the underdogs from Lesotho to the Olympic games.

© 2003 / 60 min.
Production: Julian Benedik Films
Producer: Julian Benedikt, Heiner Stegelmann
In co-production with: VCC Perfect Pictures Hamburg, Media AG Berlin
Script/ Director: Julian Benedikt
Camera: Lorenz Haarmann b.v.K.
Support: Königreich Lesotho, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Lesotho Sports Council, Lesotho National Olympic Commitee, Royal Lesotho Mounted Police, Botschaft des Königreichs Lesotho, Berlin, Alwin Schockemöhle Pferdsport Zentrum
Other partners: Königliche Reiterliche Vereinigung von Lesotho zu Berlin e.V.i.G.
Format: 16:9 Beta Digital

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