Kids meet artists

„How do you live?” „What time do you go to bed?” „How do you mix your colors?” Children are curious by nature – they ask questions and expect answers. In the project KIDS MEET ARTISTS the sculptor Ute Lechner gives young students of her painter’s studio in Wasserburg the chance to ask artists about their life and work. Four kids at a time visit the artists Siglinde Berndt, Christina von Bitter, Elisabeth Mehrl, Peter Casagrande, Andreas Pytlik and Hans Thurner in their workshop studios. In the six short documentaries, conversations about art and life evolve between the kids and the artists. Through the kids‘ questions, partly very straightforward, partly surprisingly profound and sometimes quite naive, a new and unfamiliar perspective on the world of art opens up.

With: Siglinde Berndt, Christina von Bitter, Peter Casagrande, Elisabeth Mehrl, Andreas Pytlik, Hans Thurner

© 2008 / Six documentary short films 10-15 min.
Production: Benedikt Pictures
Producer: Julian Benedikt
Script/Director: Julian Benedikt
Idea/Concept: Ute Lechner
Camera: Issa Rabi Salinas, Miguel García Núñez
Editing: Daniela Wilke
Format: HD / 16:9 / Color

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